Get the perfect sync between your Philips Hue lights and Spotify.

Give life to your music

Give life to each track

What makes Prismify unique is that it uses and combines the possibilities offered by the entertainment areas from Philips Hue with the very detailed analysis about the track being played by Spotify.

It allows Prismify to achieve (in ideal conditions) perfect sync between the lighting and the sound.

Default mode for a fine-grained control

With the Default mode, you have access to the most settings. You can even select which sound should be played and save your customisation.

three modes available

Default, Party and Chill. Each one of those gives a distinct interpretation of the track you are playing, and each one comes with its own set of settings.

Chill mode for a slower, beat-based light show

Want some slow, less varying illumination? The Chill mode is perfect for that.

Party mode for cool effects

With the Party Mode, come nice effects like a bolt of light going through all your lights, converging and diverging effects,… and at a slower pace than the Default mode.

Default mode with Diethylamide by Capital Monkey.
Default mode with Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore.

Prismify in action

A few examples of Prismify with different styles of music.

Party mode with On The Run by Computerbandit.

What people say about Prismify…

Michael G

"Superb audio synchronization - the best I have seen after trying them all."


"Pretty cool. Best sync with sound I have had on hue."

Alex G

"The best solution for syncing Hue lights to Spotify I have ever seen. "

Christian S C

"This app does audio syncing better than any other hue app I've used BY FAR. If your looking for a audio sync function to your music this one is the best I've found.

Ben K

"This is by far the best music lighting sync app out there. It's extremely customizable but the default settings are honestly perfect for most songs."

Daniel H

"Very cool effect, especially with several lights in an entertainment area. Well worth the premium purchase."

James L

"I've been through countless apps to get good light sync with my music. For me this is the best I've found. There's so much customisation if you wanted to dive into it."

Tim L

"Absolutely love it!!! Best music app for the hue system."

Dale B

"Fantastic app, really well made. Paid for premium within 5 minutes of trying it."

What’s coming next ?

  • IOS version.

    The iOS version will hopefully be released before the end of the year. I am currently working hard on it, I hope you will enjoy it 🙂